Today I migrated to two new systems for my blogging platform.

Firstly I migrated my old content from Ghost to Hugo. This means reverting to a stantically generated site, which give the frequency of my blogging isn’t a big overhead, and has many other advantages.

I’ve also created a new Firebase Hosting project to host the statically generated site. This means I no longer need to maintain a cloud server running Ghost. The Firebase Hosting also auto-generates SSL certs, so that https works, which is good for 2020 when most users expect this.

I have found some minor glitches in the process – choosing a theme in Hugo was tricky (I tried around six).

I think that the current theme, Paperesque doesn’t actually render my embedded HTML images in my posts, so I’ll need to manually tweak those as I go along (or dump local static copies in the site itself) – but it does offer some imgage resizing tooling. I had kept all images off the platform (in Flickr) to try and make migration easier. Well, you cannot always be right.

Thanks… enjoy.