Red Hat Mobile, Engineering, Face-2-Face

Red Hat Mobile, Engineering, Face-2-Face (Kinsale, Ireland) It was a great pleasure to host the Red Hat Mobile, Engineering F2F in Ireland September 2015. This was »

Red Hat Summit 2015

I have returned today from an excellent week in Boston MA and Westford MA. From Mon-Fri last week I attended the two Red Hat conferences Red »

A Raspberry Pi is like a doll -- new clothes

I bought a Pibow Coupé case for my Raspberry Pi 2 B+ -- yes I'm dressing my new doll, but it's got IPv6. »

Raspberry Pi 2 <= Love It

Well, after a number of years I finally jumped on the Raspberry Pi bandwagon, and bought a new Raspberry Pi 2, and it was delivered last »

Unix/Linux personal timeline

I visited my old desk in Waterford Institute of Technology this morning and found an original Red Hat 6.0 box set distrubtion. That prompted me »

Perfectly aligned

As CTO of FeedHenry I am delighted with the announcement that Red Hat Inc. will be our new owners. FeedHenry has been focused on easing the »

Reflections on my 18 years in the TSSG

Last week the Irish Independent had a series of articles about the TSSG in Waterford Institute of Technology, spin-out and spin-in companies associated with the TSSG, »

An even better smartphone? OnePlus One

UPDATE 2014-08-15 My new 64GB OnePlus One arrived today, it cost me GBP 265 plus P&P. Only downside so far is lack of Band »

Moto G -- Best value Smartphone?

This month I purchased a Moto G 16GB Android Smartphone. I was impressed by the specification for the price. I got a SIM-free version from Expansys »

New Ghost Blog -- My Blogging History

Another year, another blogging platform. Yes I am falling into the trap of spending more time fiddling with blogging platforms than actually blogging. Back in 2012 »

Link to Octopress blog (from Jun 2012)

[Link to Octopress blog, from Jun 2012] ( »

Link to original blog (from Feb 2002)

[Original blog, from Feb 2002] ( »