Official Opening, Red Hat Waterford

Monday 6th Feb 2017 Red Hat Waterford Opening On Monday 6th Feb 2017, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O'Connor TD officially opened the »

Red Hat Mobile: Advice to Enterprise Mobility Developers

Abstract People often ask me for my advice on enterprise mobile development. This short blog post is a summary of our experience initially in FeedHenry, 2010-2014, »

Red Hat Mobile, Engineering, Face-2-Face

Red Hat Mobile, Engineering, Face-2-Face (Kinsale, Ireland) It was a great pleasure to host the Red Hat Mobile, Engineering F2F in Ireland September 2015. This was »

Red Hat Summit 2015

I have returned today from an excellent week in Boston MA and Westford MA. From Mon-Fri last week I attended the two Red Hat conferences Red »

A Raspberry Pi is like a doll -- new clothes

I bought a Pibow Coupé case for my Raspberry Pi 2 B+ -- yes I'm dressing my new doll, but it's got IPv6. »

Raspberry Pi 2 <= Love It

Well, after a number of years I finally jumped on the Raspberry Pi bandwagon, and bought a new Raspberry Pi 2, and it was delivered last »

Unix/Linux personal timeline

I visited my old desk in Waterford Institute of Technology this morning and found an original Red Hat 6.0 box set distrubtion. That prompted me »

Perfectly aligned

As CTO of FeedHenry I am delighted with the announcement that Red Hat Inc. will be our new owners. FeedHenry has been focused on easing the »

Reflections on my 18 years in the TSSG

Last week the Irish Independent had a series of articles about the TSSG in Waterford Institute of Technology, spin-out and spin-in companies associated with the TSSG, »

An even better smartphone? OnePlus One

UPDATE 2014-08-15 My new 64GB OnePlus One arrived today, it cost me GBP 265 plus P&P. Only downside so far is lack of Band »

Moto G -- Best value Smartphone?

This month I purchased a Moto G 16GB Android Smartphone. I was impressed by the specification for the price. I got a SIM-free version from Expansys »

New Ghost Blog -- My Blogging History

Another year, another blogging platform. Yes I am falling into the trap of spending more time fiddling with blogging platforms than actually blogging. Back in 2012 »

Link to Octopress blog (from Jun 2012)

[Link to Octopress blog, from Jun 2012] ( »

Link to original blog (from Feb 2002)

[Original blog, from Feb 2002] ( »